About Us

Ongar is about the latest and most exciting innovation on the water: paddle power-assist personal watercraft, also known as personal water propulsion.

We're delighted to offer you the first craft with Fin-Drive installed: PowerBoards Surf and SUP boards.

PowerBoards are a leading motor-assist Surf and SUP board brand in Australia, where they've been enjoyed for years and are now the first time available internationally.

Get more out of your time on the water. Catch more waves or SUP further, staying safer and conserving energy when you need to: all with PowerBoards.

We're convinced that personal water propulsion will be the next big thing in water sports and we have scoured the world for the best technology we could find.

Welcome to Fin Drive Systems, an amazingly simple yet powerful idea. Whatever your paddle-powered craft, Fin Drive Systems can add a new dimension of performance to your experience.